HAVE YOUR SAY: Wanton cats frustrating for neighbours

In response to last Wednesday’s ‘cats needing to be regulated’ writeup — very well said.

In response to last Wednesday’s ‘cats needing to be regulated’ writeup — very well said. We completely agree with you, it is very frustrating watching people’s cats use the gardens as a washroom and killing the lovely birds that we all take the time to feed. Our immediate reaction is to scat the cat out of the yard but in the end it is not the cat that should be ran out it is the owner who needs to be taught how to be held accountable for their dear pets. True responsible pet owners don’t let their animals wander from yard to yard. We have cats and have built outdoor enclosures for them to safely enjoy their day, bothering no one and we watch them closely when we choose to let them out to soak up the freedom of the outdoors, they are happy cats so it can be done and it is our responsibility as a pet owner to do so. This message is not intended for everyone as there are many responsible pet owners out there, but may it be a small reminder to those who need it to please take the time to watch where your outdoor kitty is going when you mindlessly open the door each day/night to let kitty come and go. Cats need to be regulated and their owners need to become much more accountable for them.

Make sure you have the right phone number before you dial in the wee hours of the morning. Some people do not have the privilege of going back to sleep and/or end up getting sick from lack of sleep. One doesn’t need this; especially, if they have surgery within a few days! A polite goodbye would have been appreciated, instead of hanging up in one’s ear. At least there was an apology!

So you live in Comox but have a business in Courtenay. Much like — let’s have a entropy of priorities in my community but not in your community. You must belong to the business persons who believe they should have two votes compared to the one vote for citizens that chose to live the community of Courtenay. Obviously there is a large number of Courtenay residents that support new ideas to make our town better. And with the new ideas will come tourists, more citizens of Courtenay and money for businesses in Courtenay. Having our mayor start doing things for the residents of Courtenay will spill over for  town business people. Mayor, change the sign on your door to read “People of Courtenay First” instead of “People of Business First” and you will find our town will prosper.