He has parking pass for a good reason

Dear editor,
My name is Jim. I am 35 years old and am dealing with a great deal of medical problems.

Dear editor,My name is Jim. I am 35 years old and am dealing with a great deal of medical problems.I am undergoing observation for suspected mitochondrial disease as well as arthritis in my spine and problems with my heart. I have had, since 2004, a disabled or “handicapped” parking pass. Many of you know this because you see it and then mutter things under your breath while giving me angry looks because I’m young, and am using a disabled parking spot. I have been called many uncomplimentary things.Some of you just shake your head in disgust. Some of you have actually stood in front of my van glaring at me.Why? Is it because I’m young? It must be.You glare even when the arthritis pain is so bad that I can hardly walk. Yep, I don’t have a wheelchair, but I’m still entitled to us my pass when I need it!Many times I’ll park in another regular space even when I’m in major pain or my energy levels are so low that the shopping cart is like my walker.I was always taught to respect my elders, which is why I’m writing this letter. It seems that even though I give respect, I don’t get it back because I use a handicap sign when I’m young and without a chair. Please take note that not all things are so cut and dry medically and give me some respect back. I have never told any of you off for your rude comments and disapproving looks.Why is it that the respect is expected but not returned? I refuse to let anyone, even my own wife, use my pass for themselves. If I am in the vehicle but don’t go in an establishment, I find a “regular” spot.Please, give the very thing that you teach: respect. Wasn’t it your generation that coined the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”Jim Hubbeard,Comox Valley