Horgan will never lead this province

Horgan has more than "work to do" in the province of British Columbia

Dear editor,

Re: May 15 editorial – “Horgan has work to do”. John Horgan will never ever be the Premier of B.C. and will remain in the opposition side of the legislature after the next B.C. provincial election in 2017.

If John would have taken time to do some research he would have noticed the following key points. Time to face the facts and reality.

Alberta has 87 legislature seats, four are NDP.  Saskatchewan has 58 legislature seats, nine are NDP.  Ontario has 107 legislature seats, 21 are NDP. Newfoundland and Labrador has 48 legislature seats, three are NDP. Nova Scotia has 51 legislature seats, seven are NDP.  Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick do not have any elected NDP MLAs. Cannot fool these taxpayers. Manitoba is the only province in Canada with a NDP government. The next provincial election in Manitoba is scheduled for  Oct. 5, 2015.  Latest polls shows the governing NDP at 24 per cent and the opposition Progressive Conservatives at 48 per cent, and critics stating that this NDP government is headed for opposition status or even third party status.

The NDP party is doomed right across Canada. Voting in a NDP government is exactly the same as taking back a spouse from a previous divorce to recreate the “nightmare”.

Joe Sawchuk.