I did it on my own; why can’t they?

Dear editor,

Having just reading Douglas Etherington’s letter (Reader calls editor a hypocrite for voting, Dec. 8) and being in total agreement with his comments triggered me to add some comments of my own on some current news items. In the news this morning (Dec. 8, 2015) the banks were going to contribute $1,000,000 to the Syrian immigration cause. Being an immigrant myself of some 33 years from a Commonwealth country having to have a job and pay my own way to get here stirs me a little. Yes, I did not come from a war-torn country and did not have their hardships.Then the Liberals are going to accommodate these people and pay them once they are here. Don’t we have homeless and desperate people in the Comox Valley and many other Canadian cities? Should this group get some care and attention first?

Finally the bike lane issues, yes we should have them, and in the news today in Vancouver they are going to let skateboarders and rollerbladers use them. Some cyclists don’t follow the highway code, so do we expect miracles from the rollerbladers and skateboarders? Last of all should these users be paying some kind of road tax as motorists do to help to maintain these lanes?

Allan Barwick