Is Harper considering appointing Gordon Campbell to the Senate?

Dear editor,

Why is a polling company, NRG Research, which has been known to work for the PMO,  asking if Gordon Campbell is trustworthy?

According to Laila Yuile’s blog, NRG Research is phoning people, listing five names, Gordon Campbell’s amongst them, and asking “if you find them trustworthy”.

So MP John Duncan, just to be clear, I don’t know who the other four names belong to, but you could list the names of 100 convicted criminals in B.C. and I would still find them more trustworthy than  Gordon Campbell.

Some of the betting money is Prime Minister Harper may be considering appointing Gordon Campbell to the Senate. I’d suggest he not do that.  We know how well his other three appointments went. Gordon Campbell, in my opinion, has the ability to outdo those three by a country mile.

Gordon Campbell has been running up some lovely expenses while being the High Commissioner in the U.K. with butlers and such. He  has spent enough time at the public trough.

It’s time Gordon Campbell got off the gravy train and got a real job, like the rest of us. Of course if the Cons are thinking of running him as a candidate, good luck.

E. A. Foster