Island needs a train route, not bike trails

Island needs a train route, not bike trails

Dear editor,

Usually I agree with most of the editorial content of The Record. After reading the title and the content of the March 31 editorial (New governance model needed for ICF) I found myself nodding in agreement until the last sentence.

Transparency and accountability are expected and required in any public/ government joint ventures.

But to say that another world-class biking and hiking trail is a better idea than a passenger train with service from Victoria to at least the Comox Valley is shortsighted in my opinion.

Vancouver Island’s very best industry is tourism and trains attract tourists in great numbers.  Especially when they are treated to the world-class views of our gorgeous island.  People who want to live here but have jobs south can commute, especially in inclement weather.

This venture needs our support.  While it may not be easy, it will be another reason we are special.

Charlene Davis