Judge wasn’t born yesterday

Dear editor,

We are approaching another April 1 benchmarking another year of anguish for the Lins of Maple Pool.

Dear editor,

Well, here we are again rapidly approaching another April 1 benchmarking another year of anguish, uncertainty, and financial hardship for the Lins of Maple Pool and the people in their care.

All imposed and endorsed by Courtenay City council.

Another year for taxpayers to fund huge legal bills. Another year for us to wonder what new misguided and costly twists and turns council will think of next.

All done in secrecy at City Hall.

It appears that Judge Baird isn’t buying into any of their arguments to make over 50 residents homeless. He appears to be unwavering in his position concerning Maple Pool.

He began his recent judgment in court by being openly critical of the City’s first attempts to close Maple Pool in court and commented that he “wasn’t born yesterday.”

He adjourned the first proceedings and provided the City with ample opportunity to work out a solution with Maple Pool. A solution that would allow the more than 50 Maple Pool residents to remain in their homes. A solution that was embraced by the greater community.

Presumably, because it didn’t fit the City’s agenda, that never happened.

Now Judge Baird has once again openly criticized the City’s arguments to disallow two of the residents to be included in the upcoming court proceedings.

Judge Baird, understanding that their rights may have been violated in the City’s actions, correctly allowed them to be included and ordered the City to pay their costs.

A decision that will have profound implications to the City, not to mention dramatically escalating the legal costs associated with this mess. Costs that will be paid by a community that supports leaving the residents in their homes at Maple Pool.

All of this seems to fall on deaf ears at City Hall. It’s clear that there is a gross disconnect between the community’s wishes and our City council, not to mention their blatant disregard for Courtenay taxpayers.

Thank goodness we will have a civic election in November.

Maybe then we can finally deal with the Maple Pool problem once and for all. Hopefully then things will look differently.

A time for our community to welcome better leadership and governance. A time to put the Council of Maple Fools behind us all.

Harry Koivisto,