LETTER - 5th Street Bridge decision shortsighted

LETTER – 5th Street Bridge decision shortsighted

Dear editor,

This is a copy of a letter sent to City council regarding the 5th Street Bridge.


I am writing in response to your decision to remodel the existing 5th Street Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1960 for a population of less than 20 per cent of the population today.

The plan to widen the sidewalk that you have made does not even address today’s needs. Here is your chance to look forward rather than provide a patchwork approach.

First of all, your budget will probably double by the time this gets done, which will exacerbate the situation and infuriate Courtenay taxpayers. There is a limit to what the average taxpayer will pay for such wastefulness.

Consider a new three-lane bridge with expanded sidewalk and bike lanes on the outside.

The current street layout will handle three lanes easily, and the centre lane could be used as a counter lane going one way in the morning and reversing in the afternoon.

The existing street layout can handle this with minor modifications.

Your current plan is shortsighted and wasteful, and will not help our traffic flow at all.

A long-term view should be considered. Special interest groups such as cyclists should not be the main consideration in your decision.

Although bike lanes are necessary, useful and something we want to encourage, they should not be the driving force behind this decision. The needs of all residents should be considered.

Speaking with many of us who make up the silent majority, we are appalled at your shortsightedness.

Det Kunz,