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LETTER – Area residents oppose Dove Creek Telus tower

Dear editor,

My wife and I live on Dove Creek Road, not far past the proposed site for the Telus tower.

We bought here in 1986 for the quiet, low-key rural lifestyle. A 62-metre metal tower with flashing lights doesn’t fit into that local environment. I certainly don’t want to be passing by the structure on a daily basis either going on errands or walks, which is our regular routine.

Besides our personal aesthetic preferences, I am very concerned about the harmful impact on the local bird population. Trumpeter swans land in that particular field historically in winter months, along with Canada geese. The tower would present a real hazard to their ability to land there. Resident red-tailed hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and many other seasonal birds abound in this area, all of which could be either harmed or just choose to relocate.

I can see by Telus’s famous animal and bird advertisements, always against a stark studio background, that natural habitat is not something they appreciate.

I have been a Telus internet customer since 1998 and have been underwhelmed by the service ever since. After years of useless dial-up, I was subject to a few mobility “sticks” of high price for low data, culminating in our current “smart hub” which while providing more data is now costing $134.40 a month for less than hi-speed connection. Where I feel particularly undervalued as a customer is the fact Telus chose to stop their fibre-optic cable within a half-mile of our house (and the rest of the western region of Dove Creek) some years ago. So excuse me if I am not obliged to feel eternally grateful for the possible improvement to our service, especially when it is the only one available.

I am curious after reading about the recent meeting in the Record, that transferring service from the overloaded tower in Courtenay is a factor in this project.

It makes me question Telus’s motivation. Is this for the benefit of Dove Creek residents, or a greater population of Courtenay? If that is the case, and the distance to the tower would work for the town customers, surely the tower could be located at the CVRD’s fairground to accommodate both areas. The regional district would enjoy extra revenue.

I certainly don’t want a painted green structure on agricultural land to accommodate Telus’s needs for customers in town. I sincerely hope that Edwin Grieve, our local Area C representative, and the deciding factor in this process, respect the needs and wishes of your constituents. Telus is a very successful, wealthy media mogul that chooses to provide (or not, in my experience) what service suits it. I don’t think your priority should be theirs.

Robert and Cathy Kilner,

Comox Valley

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