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LETTER – Banning new high density buildings a short-sighted ‘solution’ to Comox Valley doctor shortage

Dear editor,

I was very surprised to read Dr. Reggler’s suggestion in the paper last week that we should ban new high density builds until the doctor shortage is dealt with (Valley doctor asks council for moratorium on high density builds to assist physician shortage)

Dr. Reggler brings up a very important issue, and has many good suggestions for enticing doctors here, but banning new high density buildings seems to be a very short sighted “solution” to this problem. It’s likely true that banning large developments would slightly slow growth but this would come at a high cost to many of the region’s other goals.

High density development increases housing affordability for the whole region while creating walkable, livable neighbourhoods that attract people to them, and help improve the local economy.

Don’t you think those attributes might be something which would attract a family physician to the region?

I would also guess that most of the units wouldn’t even end up being used by people moving here but instead would mostly be used by younger people who have been priced out of our increasingly unaffordable housing market, and by older people looking to downsize.

Most new arrivals are likely moving into single family homes which are still “relatively” cheaper than other areas of our country.

If Dr. Reggler really wants to restrict growth how come he hasn’t suggested a ban on all new development? In general I feel that the best solution to the doctor shortage is to work with the higher level of governments to encourage more people to become doctors and to do things to entice more doctors here, not by restricting our growth with short-sighted measures that reduce the livability of our region.

Jordan Weitman-Soet,


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