LETTER - Blaming homeless for their situation doesn’t help

LETTER – Blaming homeless for their situation doesn’t help

Dear editor,

I would like to address the people who think that homeless people shouldn’t be helped because they got themselves into it by their own actions and choices.

Sure, fine.

I don’t think the fire department should attend house fires at private homes. After all, those people set their own houses on fire. Either by negligence or by not carefully inspecting every inch of wiring before they bought the house, and so on. They should have known better.

I don’t think emergency services should attend people who’re having health emergencies. After all, the person who is sick/dying didn’t take good enough care of themselves, or didn’t take precautions to avoid an accident. It’s entirely their own fault, and they need to take responsibility.

Is my point made yet?

No one intends to get into trouble. But once we are, sometimes we need help to get out of it. After all, we’re only human. God forbid any of you need any help one day.

Stephanie Lytle,