Book cover for The Best of Under the Glacier

LETTER – Cartoonist Bob Castle’s book gets rave review from a reader

Dear editor,

The book Under the Glacier is a great summary of Comox Valley politics over the last few decades. Bob Castle does a great job, and his approach of omitting specific people is a credit to his character. Elected representatives put their personal life on hold, and we should all be thankful for their dedication.

So Bob’s cartoons are a must-read for newcomers and old-timers, who still fret about the four or five local governments that serve us, well they do. Well, area B residents continue to be triple-surcharged for watering gardens while Crown Isle has green grass, year-round. Some things never change. So what, we live in the best place on the planet.

Buy Bob’s book. It’s fun.

Phil Harrison,


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