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LETTER: Bridges connect communities - the more the better

Bridges connect people and communities.
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Dear editor,

Bridges connect people and communities.

In the arguments around best use for any money, your own, taxpayers, parents, governments and corporations, what’s lost in the many opinions is the intent. Bridges connect people and their communities with other people and other communities . More is better!
What is currently a barrier to connection is distance and motor vehicle-only styled accessibility,
None of the bridge selections, including Condensory (bridge decking rotten) have considered or made it a priority to move people on their feet, in mobility devices, on bikes from east to west.
If the naysayers (a.k.a car drivers) could think outside of their metal boxes and look at the possibilities for them and their families, look at the 10-year-old riding to school or the community centre, the older mobility scooter driver that is trying to negotiate the rough unprotected roadside to go shopping in downtown Courtenay, and welcome any and all infrastructure that makes it safer to be out there connecting to each other, they would be happier people.

Barb Morris,