LETTER - Canada’s new military aircraft not for our own protection

LETTER – Canada’s new military aircraft not for our own protection

Dear editor,

On Nov. 20, the Globe and Mail reported “Canada’s jets don’t meet international obligations: Auditor-General,” and one day later headlined: “Morneau delivers a mini-budget to please Canada’s CEOs.”

Lest the irony of these two announcements and their association with each other escapes you, here are a few striking facts and figures to help burn off any mental fog.

Our planet is controlled by a cabal or core of transnational corporate power elites. Author Tom Burgis, referring to this cabal, titles his book The Looting Machine. They are obscenely wealthy, narcissistic, fascist, Zionist, psychopathic megalomaniacs. They sit on as much wealth as half the world, with 17 asset management corporations alone managing USD $41 trillion. They are totally bent on global dominance and consumed by lust for unending wealth and power.

To feed their insatiable greed, they must constantly rake the planet for new sources of wealth, often requiring overthrowing sovereign nations, slaughtering innocent people, denuding primaeval forests, plundering natural resources, looting treasuries, and leaving behind toxic farmland and drinking water.

To execute this barbarism, to protect their free, unrestricted flow of global capital, they have their propaganda arm (corporate “mainstream” media); their political stooges (prime ministers, presidents, and crown princes), who function as their front men; and their militaries: the U.S. Military and NATO (the latter being a separate book of fiction requiring its own attention).

For eons, the US military empire has played the role of defender of global capitalism (having killed more than 20 million people in 37 countries since the Second World War) with more than 800 military bases in 70 countries and territories. In addition, US military forces are now deployed in 70 per cent of the world’s nations with US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) having troops in 147 countries, an increase of 80 per cent since 2010.

Even though, as of December 2017, $21 trillion had gone missing from the Pentagon and remains unaccountable, its budget for 2018-19 is $716 billion!

As Canada is controlled by this dysfunctional big brother in Washington, whenever the American military is ordered by the global elites to overthrow and occupy another country or nation, our military falls in behind.

Beginning to see the irony?

Whether alongside U.S. troops on the ground, alone as special forces, as “trainers,” bombing from the air, flying reconnaissance and/ or refuelling for other bombers, providing intel, dispensing sanctions, banning visas, funding and/ or providing safe haven for terrorists, our mythical, peace-loving utopia has been interfering in other countries since (at least) 1953. Check these out – they’re on public record:

Iran-1953; Congo-60-64; Guatemala-54; Ghana-66; Uganda-71; Chile-73; Rwanda-96-97; Afghanistan-2001-14; Haiti-03; Iraq-03-14; Honduras-09; Libya-11; Syria-14-17; Ukraine-14-18; and Venezuela-17-18.

As a nation, Canada has never been threatened, let alone attacked. So what our military is truly defending, and for which it needs new bomber aircraft, and a $25.5 billion budget, is transnational globalization, the unimpeded flow of financial capital around the world, dollar hegemony and access to oil.

O Canada, ’tis not for thee we stand on guard.

Lou Cassivi,