Letters to the editor.

LETTER – Christmas wish list from Courtenay resident

Dear editor,

Here is my Christmas wish list:

1) Let’s not mix politics and religion. It doesn’t work no matter what religion you believe in, if any.

2) Allow women the freedom to choose for their lives and their bodies always, and forever and ever! It’s their right- not ours whoever we may be.

3) Look after the homeless before they hit the streets or the parks. Overpopulation is not helping as many have fallen through the cracks of our society and the removal of our psychiatric wards at our hospitals.

4) Address climate change by addressing overpopulation. You can’t have one without the other.

5) Get to know your neighbour. In emergency situations, they are the only ones that might be there.

6) A prime minister who will stand up for Canada and its history. You can’t move forward unless you know where you have been, or you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

7) Talk is cheap. And that applies to all politicians. It’s easy to say anything and still do nothing. So keep your promises or don’t make them.

These are just some ideas I thought might help to make this world an easier place to live in if we actually cared about what we are doing and not thinking about our ego. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the sun shining in the distance. The glass is definitely half-full. So let’s agree to disagree and admit when we are wrong, and make the changes for better ideas that will benefit all of us.

Here’s to 2022! I will keep my expectations low and hope for the best. Thank you.

Michael Gilbert,


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