Letter to the editor

LETTER – City of Courtenay could learn about sustainability from its local businesses

Dear editor,

Thankfully throughout this COVID pandemic the local community has been very supportive of local businesses, even with all the risks, regulations and protocols there was support, without the locals stepping up many more businesses would have failed.

Businesses were forced to take immediate decisive action including staff reductions, inventory reductions, postponement of any equipment procurements or closure altogether for some, basic strategic emergency steps for there to be any chance of hanging on remaining in business at all.

It is so frustrating to watch the “City” carry on as normal, unwilling to acknowledge a global financial crisis, no reduction at all with day to day activities, staffing, equipment purchasing or overall spending.

With no proactive leadership, complete unwillingness to reduce spending, have a serious reevaluation of priorities our local commercial businesses are now being handed double digit tax increases. These small entrepreneurs are still struggling through COVID, now the 5th Street bridge closure plus double digit tax increases is simply wrong, very punishing, burdensome and completely unsustainable.

Too bad the “City” isn’t as supportive with business as the community is.

Phil Diede, Courtenay

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