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LETTER - City of Courtenay’s unrestrained spending habits are unsustainable


Dear editor,

Re: Bill Johnston letter When will the City of Courtenay cut back on spending?

I have been railing against the city’s unrestrained spending habits leading to unsustainable tax increases for years! Mayor and council don’t seem willing to rein in unabated spending or have any regard towards taxpayers.

Reckless spending on the “wouldn’t that be nice” projects benefiting a very small section of the population seems to be their direction. The city is quick to mention grant monies and that’s great for core infrastructure only but not for the “I want that” spending.

I implore the city leadership to spend citizens’ tax money with the same prudence as spending their own. Shouldn’t the city’s CAO, earning over $203,000, be tasked with finding savings and implementing cuts?

I would encourage all citizens to search the city’s website, click on “city hall,” then click on “documents library” then go to “2022 statement of financial information”page 32, have a close look at overlapping manager titles and associated remunerations.

I think people will be surprised to learn that in 2022, 86 staff made over $75,000 (up 26.5 per cent from 2019), 41 of those made over $90,000 (up 21 per cent, from 2019) and 30 earned over $100,000 (up 78 per cent from 2019).

Phil Diede,