LETTER - Climate action events are brainwashing our children

LETTER – Climate action events are brainwashing our children

Dear editor,

In the late 1970s Saskatchewan’s proposed uranium expansion was set upon by radical environmentalists who rallied global college students against the new clean energy option. Fear-mongering tactics predicted the extinction of all life on the planet under the certainty of the nuclear holocaust. Media coverage and promotion of the current youth-driven climate action protest only serves to contaminate our young people and the next generation with despair and hopelessness.

Greta Thunberg’s very presence as the iconic and symbolic leader of the climate action movement is entirely fitting and appropriate since radical environmental activists do share many of the traits Thunberg possesses by her own admission. These emotion-based climate action events may eventually reveal the damage done to young people who will no longer have the capacity to reason for themselves. These assaults against our children should be stopped before any more damage is done to our social fabric.

Keith Metcalfe,