LETTER – Climate deniers are the ones being indoctrinated

Dear editor,

Upon seeing Keith Metcalfe’s letter (Climate action events are brainwashing our children, Oct. 24) I just rolled my eyes upwards at how quickly the climate deniers are coming out of the woodwork again after the election.

The Conservatives lost, in large part, because of their climate-denying and denigrating young people who are fighting for their future. But apparently that message of rebuke by the voters was lost on Mr. Metcalfe.

Really, you think that it is the kids in school who are being indoctrinated and not yourself with climate-denying conspiracy theories? That is both hysterically funny and profoundly sad that you, as an adult, have indoctrinated yourself into the ranks of the willfully ignorant who deny science. Favoring uninformed opinions of like-minded trolls is not something to be proud of, Mr. Metcalfe.

I suggest you sit in on some high school science classes and learn something about the proven science behind Climate Change. I feel your arguments are no more intelligent than those of a schoolyard bully telling the smart kids that they are the dumb ones.

Robert Rock,

Mission, B.C.