LETTER – Comox byelection is about values, not party platforms

Dear editor,

Brennan Day’s Letter to the Editor (Beware of party politics weaving their way into municipal elections – Nov. 3 Record) contained such bizarre accusations and insinuations that, as a member of the Comox Greens, I felt I must respond.

LETTER – Beware of party politics weaving their way into municipal elections

I have never voted Green provincially or federally in my life. I have voted NDP in every provincial and federal election for the past 35 years, and have been an NDP party member and donor. I come from a logging family, with my father, brothers, myself (former registered professional forester) and now my son in the industry.

I am also a member of the Comox Greens, which is a growing group of local, Comox residents who share similar values, including sustainability, respect for diversity, social justice, nonviolence, ecological wisdom, and participatory democracy.

These are referred to across the globe as ‘green values.’ They are not left or right, rather, they transcend across our society and all walks of life.

On the other hand, Mr. Day, who is a recent BC Liberal candidate, was being hypocritical with his letter. There is no place for lies and fear-based campaigning in local politics.

If you live in Comox, vote for someone who shares your values. I know I will.

Dianna Talbot


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