Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Comox resident says there is misleading information on rural garbage collection proposal

Dear editor,

I have done my due diligence on this alternate approval process (regarding rural garbage pick-up) before commenting.

Comox Valley Regional District to determine rural garbage service via AAP

They (Comox Valley Regional District) estimate the cost to drop off at the landfill every week to be $487 -$560 per year.

I presently have weekly pickup for less than $400. I choose weekly pickup even though I only contribute a small shopping bag full weekly but I dont like keeping kitchen waste any longer. They tell us to keep it in a garage or shed.

It takes a martin about three minutes to get into a wooden structure if there is food on the inside. Recycling is not a problem as there are depots that one has to drive by to purchase the items we are recycling. I look at this as reverse billing or worse because you can’t refuse. It is unfair to seniors living alone who have very little garbage and neighbors who look after that. It is unfair to those who have secondary suites that may be occupied by a relative be it grandparent or unemployed child as they must pay double. The unmanned recycle site that is being closed this July would have worked fine if they had not changed it to single stream which was the biggest cause of contamination.

Finally the method of voting no is very cumbersome (go to website, find and download response form, fill out and sign, scan back in and email) appears to be designed to discourage returns. Thanks for letting me rant.

Gord Tooker,


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