Bob Castle’s Under The Glacier cartoon for June 9, 2021.

LETTER – Comox Valley Record editorial cartoonist hits the mark with his take on AAPs

Dear Editor

I agree with both of Bob Castle’s recent Under The Glacier cartoons, and with the letters recently published in the Record, all of which question the latest CVRD garbage plan, and the dictatorial Alternative Approval Process (AAP), which attempts to do an end run around the people. It is clear that a very large number of Comox Valley residents – probably a big majority – do not want a costly and environmentally bad garbage plan to be shoved in our faces a second time. Eight years ago many valley residents asked for a plan to bring in an environmentally responsible, and cost effective system. Regrettably, it did not happen.

Any sensible plan for the Comox Valley must reduce each person’s environmental footprint, and discourage waste. People who produce more waste must be charged more. A flat rate only encourages free riders to dump stuff without any concern for excess consumption.

It is also bad that under the proposed plan, people with large disposable incomes generating too much garbage will have their bad habits subsidized by people of more modest means. That is extremely unfair, and a perfect example of inequality. Under the present system, people who generate more waste pay extra. That is as it should be. The CVRD and its director are sending the wrong message, which should be one of personal responsibility, not one of expecting others to pay for your throwaway society.

It is also right to insist that Valley residents do the work of separating garbage, and recycling where appropriate. That is not a chore, but a patriotic duty, just like during World War II.

The climate emergency is the equivalent of war, because it demands sacrifices. Sooner or later, the citizens of the planet must face up to that. Let’s start now in our own small way in the Valley, by having an environmentally sound garbage disposal plan, which doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Individuals producing garbage must pay by the kilogram. The CVRD plan does not do that, and must be rejected.

Fred Fern,


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Bob Castle's Under The Glacier cartoon for May 12, 2021