Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Comox Valley resident fears new development will put further strains on community

This lewtter is in regard to the proposed development on both Hector Road and Aspen Road.

I live at 889 Acacia Rd. ( in Area B)

To say that I am opposed to this development is an understatement.

There are so many reasons, and to fit them all into one email would be a challenge – so I am going to name just a few.

This development is designed with greed in mind. It is not taking into consideration the drastic change to the land it will sit upon – nor is it taking into consideration the impact it will have on the people who live, not only near it, but in the Valley.

Our world is in a severe climate crisis, adding more density and highrises where watersheds and wildlife live is the opposite of helping combat this crisis. The proposed development could house more than 2,000 people in a very compact space – clear-cutting trees to do so – leaving nothing behind to absorb the extra pollution 2,000 people will add. It will also allow for higher risk of flooding. On top of that, the wildlife that live among these trees will be left with nothing, some of these species of wildlife are already at risk, and drastically changing their habitat will leave them even more vulnerable.

The people of the Valley already struggle to find childcare, healthcare, and our emergency services are overrun as it is. The proposed development is looking to add 800+ units, how many of the people who move in will be multi-family homes? How many will have young children? How many will be elderly and require medical care? To add this many people into a situation where the people who already live here struggle to get the help they need, is putting everyone at high risk. My next-door neighbour is extremely ill, and can not get the medical attention he needs. My neighbour two doors down suffered a stroke more than eight months ago, and is still on a waitlist to see a specialist. Our neighbour down the road had a loved one pass away in their home because our emergency responders are overrun and could not get there in time… so please tell me how an additional thousand or more people added into this situation is in any way a good idea.

I am a mother of two. I have twin daughters who are 17 months old. I am one of the fortunate people who have family close by ( we all live on the same property) who can help me when I need to work. I have many friends who do not have that luxury – who struggle to find childcare as it is, whose children have been on waitlists for schools and extracurricular programs for months.

We do not have the resources available for the people who already live here. Adding this more is beyond irresponsible.

From a very personal standpoint- this development will severely impact my own home. We moved here to get away from city noise, to be surrounded by trees, to look into our backyard and not be looking into someone’s condo/highrise window- but instead into the forest. I want to raise my children in a place where we can use the pathway through the forest to get to our grocery store. I want to listen to the birds that surround us, and see the eagle fly through my backyard. I want to hear the quiet hum of the night; I do not want to hear cars driving past my house 24/7 and the constant noise of construction for years.

On top of all of this, the fact that people who live in Area B, who will be directly affected by this development, were not given any heads up, but instead most of us found out about it through the paper, or from our neighbours. This leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth.

I am aware the housing crisis is a serious matter, but this will not help it. It will only exacerbate the many other crises we already have; climate, healthcare, childcare, and the loss of what is and should remain a beautiful place to live.

I am not opposed to development- but I am beyond opposed to this proposal.

This development will devalue the place we love so much, the place we live. The Comox Valley.

Stephanie Abbat-Slater,

Area B, Comox Valley Regional District

Comox ValleyLetter to the Editor

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