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LETTER – Comox Valley resident pens an ode to trees as a climate change solution

Dear editor,

The BC Government recently announced a B.C.Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy to help fight climate change, at a cost of $105 million. With apologies to Joyce Kilmer, poet, I have a suggestion: Trees.

I think that I shall never see, a carbon capture system good as a tree,

A tree that twelve months of the year, works to keep the air so clear,

That traps the rain the rivers need, and so allows the salmon to breed.

A tree whose shade is very dear, when climate change we’ve learned to fear,

And in whose shade the flowers grow, and birds and bees flit to and fro;

Mainstay of biodiversity, trees do all this work for free.

We’re better by far with generous trees than expensive, inadequate, technology.

Amanda Vaughan,

Black Creek

Letter to the Editor