LETTER - Congregation thankful for media coverage of stolen tree

LETTER – Congregation thankful for media coverage of stolen tree

Dear editor,

I want to express our congregation’s thank you for the newspaper articles about the Christmas tree that went missing from our church earlier this month.

Your articles were very well written. I was surprised by the amount of attention we received by the loss of this tree.

Although it was disheartening to lose the tree, its loss turned out to be far more beneficial for our congregation than if it had never been taken. Numerous people have expressed to me their hope that the good news at Christmas will have been proclaimed through this incident.

Wherever the tree ended up we sincerely hope and pray that it will be enjoyed by all those who look at its light this Christmas.

The good news of Christmas is about forgiveness. Our congregation wants the person who has this tree to truly welcome that message into their home this Christmas. Our desire is that they would enjoy the tree and not be disheartened by all the publicity its loss has generated, but consider it our gift to them this year.

Rev. Timothy D. Rumsch

Faith Lutheran Church