Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Consistent success at improv competitions is a testament to Comox Valley school district

Dear editor,

Thank you for the article describing the success of our Valley schools in the most recent Improv Games.

As an educator with many years of experience working in, with, and for school districts across Western Canada, I can attest that the successes of our students in this competition are quite extraordinary.

The competition demands extremely high levels of intelligence, knowledge, creativity, and above all teamwork. Such talents are essential for individuals and societies in the 21st century.

That our small rural district can produce not one but many winning teams, over several years of competition, against big schools in our most affluent cities across the breadth of Canada, is absolutely astonishing. It is the best possible evidence that SD71 is an unusually successful educational unit, which is serving our community well.

Bravo to the students, and to the teachers, the administrators and the school trustees who support the teams.

Dr. Peter Coleman

Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education

Simon Fraser University

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