LETTER – Courtenay Coun. Frisch should ‘immediately do the honourable thing’ and resign

Dear editor,

Regarding your reporting of the current legal woes faced by Courtenay council member David Frisch (Courtenay councillor charged with assault). I am aware that this matter was even reported by media in Alberta.

His actions have brought shame to not only our mayor and council but to our entire Valley. To compound matters, he will continue to receive his full pay as a council member even though he is not allowed to fulfil any council duties.

This matter, which is before the courts, could easily take two years to resolve. How unfair is that to the weary Courtenay taxpayers? He needs to immediately do the honourable thing and that is to resign his position on council. This will then trigger a by-election and will result in the Courtenay taxpayers getting what they are paying for, a working council member who is representing their interests at the table.

Dick Clancy,


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