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LETTER - Courtenay pedestrian bridge is a luxury, not a need

Dear editor,

Regarding the funding of this 6th Street bridge: how much of this $6.8M did the governments provide in cash; that is, saved for this project, and how much was borrowed?

It will end up costing more than $6.8M, plus interest, plus maintenance costs, plus the carbon generated building it.

How many cyclists and pedestrians use the existing two bridges June, July, August compared to November, December, January? Is the pedestrian use, year-round, so high that the crowds cause such significant delays that a third bridge is warranted?

Another bridge, one block from the existing refurbished 5th Street bridge, to a park is a luxury, not a necessity.

I thought the priority was affordable housing.

Perhaps the homeless can live under this luxury bridge.

Stuart Lester,