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LETTER - Courtenay resident disappointed to see local support for ‘Freedom Convoy’

Dear editor,
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Dear editor,

I was sickened to see and hear some of my fellow Comox Valley residents supporting the so-called “Freedom Convoy to Ottawa.”

Like many Canadians, I am no fan of the Trudeau government. Like all Canadians, I am sick and tired of this pandemic. But this “convoy” has explicitly denied established science, advocated the overthrow of a democratically elected government, and accused the media, all levels of government, traffic camera operators, soup kitchen volunteers, and basically anyone who disagrees with their claims of being together in some plot to discredit them.

Do we really want conspiracy theorists determining public policy in this nation?

The Comox Valley is a pretty special place, but the problems of the world intrude even here. We are not achieving anything useful supporting or giving voice to a group of people who are not just detached from reality, but dangerous.

John Dacombe,