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LETTER – Courtenay resident hopes Christmas poem can ease some stress being felt by others

Dear editor,

I’m sending you my poem ‘Presents.’ The sentiments expressed in the poem might ease the pain for all of us who are madly trying to come up with presents for our family and friends that mean something and do not cost more than our finances allow.


I’m hoping for a present,

that will blast me off my feet!

It could be big, or medium, or even small,

but please make a special treat.

I know I shouldn’t be picky,

when so many have so few;

but when I see those fancy toys,

I really want one too!

My parents taught me to be humble,

so I will only have my share;

but when I see new skates and runners,

I just have to have a pair.

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees,

and we can’t have everything we see;

but my friends have soooo much; that I wish,

Santa would leave their gifts under my tree!

Most kids I know have loving grandparents

who are generous with toys we crave.

Mine are sharing their love of life and learning;

how to be kind, generous, fearless and brave.

All children like to be play in the great outdoors.

The gift of adventure awaits out on the water or land.

No electronics to break, or batteries to die;

exploring forests and the beach, enjoying the water and sand.

If I look around and see the world,

with its wars, disease, and pain;

I begin to realize that the most important gifts,

are not about money or what we can gain!

It’s family that must come first,

when we count the blessings and our good luck.

Forget the laser guns and addictive video games;

give love; not just another toy doll or truck.

The clothes and dishes can be fancy,

and the Christmas dinner big and fine;

But when the presents are all given away,

my family’s love will always be mine.

Reflect upon the love in your presents;

Give more than you hope to receive,

And when they ask about Santa Claus,

Be truthful and answer, “Yes, of course I believe!”

Paul Tanner,