Many of the roads were recently paved in the Comox Valley, with disregard to the shoulders.. Photo by Scott Strasser.

LETTER: Cyclist unhappy with road improvements

Dear editor,

I’m a cyclist and a car driver so I was part pleased to see the recent road resurfacing and part dismayed.

The majority of the road has been nicely resurfaced. The edges have been abandoned, left covered with debris and a danger to anyone cycling on them. Are we so poorly off that the resurfacing couldn’t have covered the entire width of the road, making it a pleasure for all road users? All homeowners, regardless of their mode of transportation, pay for the roads.

Making roads accessible to all – including those weekend warrior cyclists or regular commuters – should be a goal of the local council. Instead, it seems, to save a few thousand dollars, they sided with the cars and abandoned cyclists to punctures or irate drivers hell-bent on making a point to cyclists for driving on ‘their’ roads. Thanks to this penny-pinching, the roads are effectively less safe for all users. What a poor job.

Dan Earl-Gray