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LETTER - Depicting Action4Canada as a hate group is a hate crime in itself

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Dear editor,

Wanda Thompson’s letter (Action4Canada visit an embarrassing moment for the Comox Valley, Nov. 8 Record) was guilty of exactly the charges she made towards Action4Canada.

Spreading “unsubstantiated” conspiratorial, defamatory, opinions while at the same time implying that anyone who would give intelligent consideration to Action4Canada political concerns, is a bigot, a hater, and a liar by association.

This steaming vitriol is designed to promote punishment (re: taxation status) against an identifiable group.

Crowned with an extra long and bold headline in this newspaper! Ironic, don’t you think? Google Canadian legal definition of hate speech.

When intelligent discourse and debate are replaced with angry grievance culture, ad hominem and political attacks, then Canadian society has been reduced to the level of playground justice.

Terry Elliott,