Letters to the editor.

LETTER – Different viewpoints should not divide us

Dear editor,

This is a letter to the good people of this Valley.

Let’s remember that regardless of your positions and views around COVID, injuring one another verbally, publicly and/or personally will never bring about a positive outcome or the change of heart and mind that we all desperately want and need.

Let’s remember that declaring your position as right and the other wrong only serves to divide us further, when in fact most of us are deeply caring, good people. We have been temporarily blinded by fear and passion – a volatile emotional cocktail that harkens us back to tribal instincts and war-minded ways.

Let’s remember that the story of COVID is far from over – new information is being revealed about this virus daily and likely will for years to come. This story is far more complex than most of us realize. We need the freedom to have a different viewpoint without fear of annihilation regardless of which side it lands on, and we need unbiased media coverage that is willing to tell the whole uncensored story to us.

Finally let’s remember we need to pull together – not apart – as friends, family, neighbours, and planetary citizens. We have far more in common than not – the way forward is remembering this!

Kari Willis,


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