LETTER - Fifth street ‘improvements’ not practical, or visually appealing

LETTER – Fifth street ‘improvements’ not practical, or visually appealing

Dear editor,

I agree with Wilma Sayers’s comments in last week’s edition “what were the engineers thinking?” (Fifth street upgrades an accident waiting to happen – Letter)

As I have driven Fifth Street for well over 26 years, it appears that the engineers/city planners were trying to steer traffic away from using Fifth Street.

It is obvious that they wanted to slow vehicle traffic, but there is little wiggle room for larger vehicles that could very well result in a wide assortment of accidents ranging from fender benders to parked car mirrors/doors being hit from passing vehicles.

Great news for cyclists as they have gained some wiggle room that includes lots of green paint and a wide assortment of signs indicating that there is an oncoming telephone pole.

It’s unbelievable that this “improvement” cost millions of dollars and months of disruption and the result is terrible and not visually appealing in any way.

John Bonell,