LETTER: Fletcher’s view on plastic bag ban is ‘simplistic and uninformed’

LETTER: Fletcher’s view on plastic bag ban is ‘simplistic and uninformed’

Dear editor

As a society, we have an obligation to move away from single use plastic bags.

I have an obligation to my one-month old daughter to make informed decisions protecting her future. Tom Fletcher’s Jan. 8 column in the Comox Valley Record, on municipal elections and the banning of plastic bags (Politicians pose on plastic bags), is simplistic and uninformed.

The notion of a plastic bag ban being just an environmentalist’s joy ride is insulting to any person with the intellect to understand why we need it. Plastic bags end up in landfills; therefore, municipal taxpayers will incur the landfill cost of single use plastic bags. Plastic particles are making their way into the food chain, and last year scientists found that the seafood we consume now contains plastic particles. There is not yet enough research on how the plastic particles will affect humans, but we do know the chemicals in the plastic particles are toxic.

We need a ban to start helping society to shift to more sustainable behaviour, so my daughter will have a healthy world to live in.

When we have 15,000 scientists warning governments about the continued use of fossil fuels (of which plastic bags are made), there is a danger to humanity. We must start somewhere.

It takes courage to show leadership when people continue perpetuating misinformation.

Municipal elections are around the corner and my daughter is depending on a progressive group of councillors and mayor to be elected, so she can enjoy the same quality of life as I have.

Kiyoshi Kosky