Gas pump (Wikimedia Commons)

LETTER – Gas stations will be around for another 25 years

Dear editor,

Re: Comox Valley Regional District director wants limits on gas stations (Aug. 11 Record)

It is apparent the CVRD Electoral Services Committee does not understand how companies operate.

As the number of Eelectric vehicles increase, service stations will close or change their business model. For example, Parkland Corp out of Calgary, which sells gasoline under the Chevon, Mobil and Esso banner, has commenced a program in B.C. on installing charging stations at its service station.

However, as Terry Farrell pointed out in his column (COMMEN-TERRY: It’s too soon to consider eliminating petrol at service stations, Aug. 11 Record), service stations selling gasoline will be around for at least another 25 years. Hopefully, the staff does not spend too much time on this subject as I am sure there are more pressing issues

Ray Pledger,


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