LETTER: Healthcare column missed key component of the issue

LETTER: Healthcare column missed key component of the issue

Dear editor,

BC Views Action needed on healthcare workplace violence column by Greg Knill (Comox Valley Record, Nov. 21, 2019) neglected a key component of the issue.

With changing demographics of people seeking health care, the need for changes in the workforce must be part of the solution. Creating equal relations across professional, paraprofessional, and auxiliary health care workers—in which communication and interpersonal relations are healthy—will go a long way to reducing horizontal violence and oppression that ultimately is directed at the patient.

Additionally, education; training; and workplace orientation that emphasizes caring relationships and effective communication with patients and their families, is evidenced to further reduce violence. Yes, Security Services play a central role in organizations where unknown factors exist. Treating patients and their families as threats with a need for increased security, will not reduce workplace violence unless healthcare workers recognize and consistently act on their part of the solution.

Anne Greene,