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LETTER - Homelessness will not be solved via governments’ enabling attitudes


Dear editor,

Thanks for the coverage in the Oct. 11 edition.

We have met Mayor Bob Wells. He is very open to input, but not much is happening. The discussion with CAO Geoff Garbett was quite concerning .

His view on users and drug dealers supports growth in addiction.

Dr. Bonnie Henry supports public use of deadly drugs and promotes addiction in public places. Addicted numbers of unfortunate people will grow.

Our meeting with MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard was concerning.

“Everyone has the right to move here and a place to lay their heads.”

No wonder the majority of unhoused come from other places. They are welcomed by our MLA. More will be coming to avoid freezing, as many face this in the North.

There are solutions. House low-income people. Assign those with mental illness to professional treatment.

House the unhousable in camps in areas with sanitary services and security.

Curtail those who sell deadly drugs.

Discourage migration to Courtenay and the growth of addiction.


Phil Harrison,


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