Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Local church may have followed safety protocols, but where was the common sense?

Dear editor,

I’ve noted the alarming recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the VIHA northern region.

Where did they come from?

Some from local schools – yes. As most individuals I know have been vigilant in the daily observing of safety protocols in relation to COVID, I was very much dismayed to hear of a large youth conference hosted by a local church that resulted in an uptake of COVID cases.

Although this church has indicated it observed health safety protocols, they perhaps didn’t engage in common sense ones. One would hope that all organizations, religious or not, would recognize the necessity of limiting group size so as to minimize the spread of COVID. We will beat this…and life will return to normal, hopefully sooner rather than later – but only if we all exercise common sense.

J. Graham,


COVID-19Letter to the Editor

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