Letter of apology to the community

To whom it may concern,


This is regarding my apology letter due to my actions of shoplifting from the store Walmart.  I can honestly say now when I look back on that day I don’t know what I was thinking, and I truly am greatly sorry.


Although it is already done, I am grateful I was given the opportunity to go through the sequence of events the Community Justice Centre has set up for me. After hearing what everyone in the resolution conference had to say, I sat across from the Walmart representative and I was thinking about how I’m glad I was caught that day.

I now know how much something that seems so minuscule like stealing $20 worth of makeup really has a huge effect on the community.  People don’t realize what happens when items from a store get stolen. I know I didn’t.

From this I have learned a lot, things I never would have even thought and I can wholeheartedly say I’ll keep this experience in the back of my head and never make that mistake again. I know that asking for forgiveness is a lot, but I will do something to make this right. That is why I am writing this letter, and will be doing a few more things to prove how much I regret what I did.

This apology to the community was part of a resolution agreement reached between Walmart and the respondent at a resolution conference held at the Community Justice Centre.