Supplied picture of the Comox Dam

Supplied picture of the Comox Dam

LETTER – Once again, BC Hydro is releasing water from Comox Lake unnecessarily

Dear editor,

With this cool spring, it is a distant memory of last year’s hot summer and water shortages.

Earlier this month, BC Hydro announced releasing water from Comox Lake to make way for spring runoff. The reservoir is 55 per cent full. Lots of room.

Not long ago, Steven Watson, the BC hydro spokesman, predicted 85 per cent of average inflows this summer. Another drought. Now they are again releasing water that could be used for fish and people, and as too often happens, Stage 3 emergencies will be part of our summer.

So when will our local managers of potable water, the CVRD administration, represent their constituents on the mismanagement of Comox Lake water?

I know, a broken record, with continuing record droughts, created by BC hydro and the CVRD administration. Just letting you know it is on the way, again.

Phil Harrison,


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