Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Trudeau vacationing at beachfront property in Tofino on Sept. 30. (Nora O’Malley photo)

LETTER – PM plays on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Dear editor,

After five-plus years of our prime minister, why should anybody be surprised at Justin Trudeau’s lack of optics and veracity on issues as wide-ranging as electoral reform, climate change and clean water for the Indigenous people?

Sure, he has a right to play, but on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation? No, no, no!

Former Comox resident and MP (and former attorney general) Jody Wilson-Raybould’s book exposes his gambit… a leader whose arrogance and presumption (as AG she did not even have his phone number) knows no bounds.

Canadians should (by now) be fed up with this guy. He’s betting they are not… and regardless, he really doesn’t care.

As Churchill and many others have said… “we get the government we deserve”… and minority governments only work if the parties in minority actually hold the government accountable. Will the PM change his spots? Don’t bet the ranch.

As his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau said, in 1971, when asked to clarify what he said in Parliament, “fuddle duddle.” Clearly the PM is saying a collective “fuddle duddle” to us all. Is anybody listening? The PM is assuming not.

Steve Faraher-Amidon,


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