Letter to the editor.

LETTER – Port Alice visitor thanks Courtenay Good Samaritan who found her purse

Dear editor,

On Monday, June 21, I unintentionally put the City of Courtenay to a test of honesty and integrity. After dropping my mom’s car off at the local Kia dealership, to have work done on the brakes, the parts/shuttle service man drove us to the city centre to do some shopping. When we were done, we called the Kia dealership to have the shuttle return and pick us up. We waited on a bench outside the entrance to the mall.

Our shuttle arrives and we are on our way back to the Kia dealership when I realized that I did not have my purse. The shuttle driver takes the shortest route back to the mall and the bench where we were sitting, in hopes that my purse would still be there. To my horror it was not. I went to the nearest store hoping that someone had turned it in. No luck. I went to the Administration Office in the mall, again hoping for a miracle. The kind lady took my contact information and suggested that I try CIBC.

There was a short line at CIBC, however; given my desperation it seemed like hours passed before it was my turn to speak with a teller. Finally, as the teller is finishing up with her customer, she asks me if my name is Gail. Overwhelmed with relief, I figured that she would only have one reason to ask me that question. After the teller’s customer left, and at long last it was my turn, she placed my purse on the counter. I asked her if she knew the person who turned my purse in but she did not.

I am hoping that the kind lady who turned my purse in to the CIBC bank will read this letter and know how grateful I am for her honesty and integrity.

Gail Lind,

Port Alice

Letter to the Editor