LETTER - Reach Beyond Expedition participant thanks the Comox Valley for its support

LETTER – Reach Beyond Expedition participant thanks the Comox Valley for its support

Dear editor,

In September I took part in the Outward Bound Canada’s “Reach Beyond Expedition” which is a fundraising event for Outward Bound Canada’s charitable programs. This expedition took place on one of the world’s most famous trekking routes – the Tour Du Mont Blanc, a 170 km trek in the Alps, and through three countries; France, Italy and Switzerland. In true Outward Bound fashion, it was amazing, hard, epic and life-changing.

As it was a fundraiser I reached out to my family, friends and community to help support my fundraising efforts, and all I can say is wow! I was overwhelmed! I want to thank everyone for your generosity and amazing support I received. Be it donations, spreading the word, telling me I could do this and my physiotherapist who diligently worked on my IT band and plantar fasciitis to make sure I was prepared for the trek. I was overwhelmed and touched by the support I received from my family, friends, acquaintances and total strangers.

For all of you who supported me in the fundraising, in whatever aspect, I want you to know that your support will enable others to experience these life-changing programs. You will likely never meet the person you will help, but let me tell you from personal experience, and what I have witnessed of others, you are giving them life-changing, and at times, life-saving opportunities.

Outward Bound Canada’s motto is “Get Out. Look In.” I have had the amazing opportunity to do just that. Every time I do, I come back a stronger, wiser and more confident person. Thank you for your support in helping others do that. You helped me raise just over $5,700, this was beyond my wildest dream, and as a group, we raised $39,247, just shy of our $40,000 gaol, but we are still working on that. To say we are all ecstatic is an understatement.

Thank you once again for the overwhelming support and helping those who may benefit the most, have access to these amazing programs.

Suzy Venuta,


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