LETTER - Response from political candidates impresses arts community

LETTER – Response from political candidates impresses arts community

Dear editor,

Prior to the recent 2018 municipal elections, Comox Valley Arts sent a survey to all candidates intended to elicit information regarding their position on issues relating to the arts and culture.

Twenty eight of the candidates replied to this questionnaire, a remarkable proportion, indicating a remarkable level of interest.

While the CVA and those of us actively involved in the arts accept our responsibility to be advocates for the arts, it is refreshing and heartening to find elected officials indicating such a level of support for the arts in the Comox Valley and beyond.

To all of those who responded to our survey in such detail and with such thoughtfulness, we wish to convey our thanks. It augurs well for the future of a community such as ours when the value of the arts and culture is recognized as a vital key to our social health and continuity.

The board of Comox Valley Arts celebrates the Comox Valley as a significant Canadian centre for the production and consumption of the arts.

It is wonderful to find a similar level of support from our elected representatives.

Many of us recognize the Comox Valley as a magical place on so many levels; your attention to the arts will ensure that it flourishes as such.

Robin Mayor

Comox Valley Arts Council