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LETTER - Revoking Aaron Ministry’s tax exemption sets bad precedent


Dear editor,

As a supporter of religious freedom, diversity of opinions, and freedom of speech, I do not support the Courtenay city council (or any elected city council or elected governments) considering revoking Aaron House Ministries’ tax exemption.

This highlights the dangerous precedent that could be set for all religious groups in the future.

One of the reasons that my mother’s family came to Canada was for religious freedom. What you are considering impacts religious freedom in Canada, and diversity of beliefs.

What exactly are you trying to achieve by doing this anyway? Aaron House ministers to people who need spirituality and faith. This is something that is certainly lacking in our society today.

Additionally, it would seem that people have little faith in government at all levels doing the right thing, another consideration for your city council. Maybe you can prove me wrong about having faith in government, and not go forward with this action against Aaron House or any other religious group in our community.

Please remember, Canada is a nation founded under God and one based on peace, order, and good governance.

Without this, one just has to look at the mess the rest of the world is in!

Garry Hynds, Courtenay