Letters to the Editor.

LETTER – Stretch of Muir Road needs a pedestrian path

Dear editor,

I suggest it is long overdue to provide the very busy stretch of Muir Road from the Mission Hill turn-off from the Highway 19A to an existing sidewalk near Ashwood Place with a gravel shoulder safe for pedestrians.

Right now there is barely room for two full-size pickups to pass without clipping mirrors. Any pedestrian traffic, and I have noticed a significant increase lately, has no choice but to walk along the super narrow travel surface of road. This is a very dangerous situation that should be remedied as soon as possible.

Many people are using this as a cutoff route to the hospital, and all the new businesses along Lerwick and Ryan roads. I have followed them many times, as I live at the top end of Muir.

A simple, inexpensive, rapid fix could be to place perforated oversize culverts and course crush, through the dangerous stretch along the south side of Muir and top with a fine pathway crush. This will provide a safe pedestrian path, that is completely non-existent at the moment.

Time until a fatality of serious injury is not on City of Courtenay’s side for this stretch. Just luck.

Dave Cope,


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