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LETTER: The brunt of cost for fighting carbon emissions will fall on the lower/middle-income class

Dear editor,

Shouldn’t the purpose of climate change policies get us to net-zero carbon emissions?

So we have politicians and activists descending on Scotland by the thousands, hmm, carbon footprint?

Is an electric car really carbon neutral, or just an opportunity for the wealthy to receive a rebate, for a conscience relieving, second vehicle.?

Trudeau tells us that we need carbon pricing to get us out of this mess, but how is me paying double for food going to do that other than make grocery chains wealthier than ever? Shouldn’t the fight and the pain be shared among all us?

As with all taxation policies, by all levels of government, the brunt of this fight is disproportionately felt by the lower-middle-income class in this country. It would be refreshing, for once, to have politicians live up to their slogans, “making life affordable.”

I for one will never be in favour of the current policies on climate change until the hurt is spread equally. But does it really matter if I am in favour? As long as the politicians have the power of taxation, we are beholden to them to tell me “what is best.”

I am comforted in knowing that my future is fairly secure, in that, when governments have taxed us all into poverty I will be given a room in a taxpayer-funded hotel room. Hopefully, I will have access to a “free” taxpayer-funded safe drug supply and a TV set so I can watch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and watch billionaires take a 14-minute flight into space. What we need are real solutions and policies to take on this problem. Just a thought, maybe make it illegal to wrap one cucumber in plastic? Reduce waste and reduce plastic production.

Kevin Bogdan,


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