Driving a big truck to go mountain biking seems ironic to this letter writer.  ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

LETTER – The irony of driving a big truck to go mountain biking

Dear editor,

If you have driven to Comox Lake lately, you likely noticed the pandemonium at the Cumberland parking lot. Filled mostly with trucks – it is a site that is hard to miss. Vehicles are nearly stacked on each other and I am fully expecting the next project will be a multi-level parkade.

It is of course the main meeting place if you want to “go ripping” or “shred.” While there is nothing wrong with going mountain biking, I do find a bit of irony in the idea that people drive to go cycling. The fact that most of the parking lot is filled with large gas-guzzling and mega carbon dioxide-emitting trucks only adds to the irony. Further to this is the current bridge situation. You literally see a traffic jam on the 17th Street Bridge with trucks carrying mountain bikes.

I do all my cycling from home and yes I do mountain bike as well – I just spend the extra time to get to Cumberland. I just wonder when the term “green” or “forest” is used, that perhaps the intent wasn’t for people to drive with their bike to then go riding. Perhaps it would be beneficial if there was some incentive for people to bike with a mountain bike to ultimately go “ripping.” Perhaps better fitness? Or burn less gas? Just a thought.

Harry Dunne,


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