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LETTER – Timing of Comox recycle centre closure and garbage pick-up AAP cannot be coincidence

Dear editor,

I am writing to complain about a nasty case of whiplash thanks to the Comox Valley Regional District.

On page 10 of last week’s paper there was a half page notice taken out announcing the closure of one of only four recycling drop-offs, the only one that was available 24 hours per day, as well.

The notice helpfully pointed out that those living within municipal boundaries get unlimited recycling collection. Not very helpful for the hundreds of rural households like me in the north valley that now have to drive several kilometers farther and time their visits for the opening hours of the remaining depots. Looking at the map they published it is clear that the existing depots are the ones closest to those who already have municipal service.

The whiplash came on the next page when I found the letter from CVRD director Arzeena Hamir. Director Hamir helpfully points out that the dump is filling faster than expected since so many recyclables are thrown out.

Surely Director Hamir must see that reducing recycling centers in the valley by 25 per cent will not be helpful in reducing recyclables in the dump!

She also points out that the cost of private pickup has increased over the years. Speaking to my waste collection company, this seems to be caused directly by increases in disposal fees at the dump. I can’t check, because the previous bylaw listing old rates has been scrubbed from the CVRD site.

With the timing of the recycling centre closure and the Alternative Approval Process, it’s very clear that the regional district is going to do everything in their power, and outside of their voters’ will, to make rural collection happen.

Jack Pincus,


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